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  • Geoff Siegel

Still Shocking

It was 30 years ago today. Due to not dying and over touring, Jane's has become a bit irrelevant. Nirvana obscures their achievements and that's too bad. Nothing's Shocking is more important in the annals of American underground. Now, chill, I didn't say better. Kobain's writing chops are hard to top and Jane's is more of a sonic landscape. But, Nothing's Shocking was first and it was heavy. More like metal than The Cure. And it was twisted. Much more than Nevermind. Nothing's Shocking merged crushing metal riffs and dark, introspective lyrics in a way that had not been done. And it opened the door. The Pixies are there too. But, this album was watershed. If you haven't listened for a while, do. if you're a babe and have never listened, do. "No one pulls you out of your hole, like a tooth aching a jawbone." That's good shit. Rock on.

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