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  • Geoff Siegel

Were Have All The Good Times Gone?

“Were Have All The Good Times Gone?” “Stop Bitchin’” or “You’re too fuckin’ old.” I’m hearing my music industry pals complaining about current music. “Is there anything good?” “It’s not like it was” or “Hip hop sucks now.” Look, is anything gonna be better than Beatles, Dylan, Public Enemy? I’m not sure. Probably not. But, keep it to yourself. All music is great. I’m always glad when any artist is doin’ well and people are enjoying. Music industry is too under siege for any of us to bitch. So, if you hear someone say “That new Katy Perry song is great!” You say: “Damn right!” And, when you hear a new Cardi B song, don’t fuckin’ roll your god damn eyes. If you don’t like, make it an inner dialogue. Smash it down. Alright, carry on and thanks for reading. I’m about to dive into my new Clash box set. Rock the casbah, indeed.

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