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  • Geoff Siegel

All You Need Is A New Mix

I generally hate when they do things like this. You don't go back and repaint the Sistine Chapel and re-carve David. So, when I heard they were going to re-mix "Sgt. Pepper's" for its 50th anniversary, I cringed and cried. Why Baby Jesus?, I moaned.

But, however, hey. It's really fucking good. It was remixed by Giles, son of Beatles producer George Martin. He was able to mix it with out having to bounce tracks down. Dad left copious amounts of mix notes and he nailed it. It sounds true to the original mix, but more drums and better clarity, especially for the textural parts. It's on Spotify.

#beatles #georgemartin #gilesmartin #sgtpeppers #remix

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